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Memories of my travels between 1972 and 1982


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The Hippie Trail

The Hippie Trail has generated a number of interesting reminiscences, perhaps as a result of Rory MacLean's book "The Magic Bus".
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A central resource for bus overlanders is here.

Here are some travelogues:
Chris de BiƩ (1976) with Multimedia:
Colin Clews in blog format (1977)
Steven Abrams 1968-1971 (with SE Asia)

The travellers on the trail, mostly it seems in buses, also took a lot of photos:
Pictures (1967 and 1968):
KBRi71's Photos (1973):
Mike Newman (1977) - also SE and East Asia: Round-The-World Slide Show
Noor Khan's photos, especially Afghanistan in the 1970s 

This refers to a film:  Eric Siegel Film 1972:
YouTube Part One

Other Areas


A Teacher in the 80s: